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  • Promote and advance the use of Open and Distance Learning as a means of contributing to the development goals of the Caribbean
  • Foster an understanding of the theory and practice of Open and Distance Learning and to facilitate research and disseminate information within the Caribbean on Open and Distance Learning
  • Work with the relevant sectors or sections in helping regional governments to develop appropriate policies and strategies in the use of Open and Distance Learning in addressing our Human Resource Development needs
  • Foster communication and partnership with other regional and international associations and institutions and in particular with the Commonwealth of Learning
  • Provide for the professional development of individuals from the region who are involved in open and distance education
  • Establish standards for ensuring quality and professionalism in the practice of open and distance education in the region



The formation of a Caribbean Regional Association has been one of the goals of the Caribbean Universities Project for Integrated Distance Education (CUPIDE). CUPIDE is a collaborative distance education project financed by the Japanese Funds-In-Trust for Capacity Building through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Project is aimed at improving access to the service of five universities in the Dutch, French and English-speaking Caribbean through increased use of information and communication technologies. The participating institutions are:

  • The University of the West Indies
  • The University of Technology, Jamaica
  • The University of Guyana
  • The University of Suriname
  • The University Quisqueya, Haiti

The idea of forming a Caribbean association emerged in September 1999 during a regional conference held in Guyana entitled Promotion, Quality, Pragmatism and Partnership in Distance Education Delivery, and was further developed in a July 2000 conference on Distance Education in Small States held in Jamaica. Conference delegates felt the time had come to establish a body that would promote distance education in the Caribbean and provide a platform through which stakeholders could continue to share experiences and have access to opportunities for continuing professional development in this field.

A Steering Committee was subsequently set up to undertake the establishment of the regional association. The committee was given the task of developing a draft mission statement and objectives of the association, in addition to convening the first general meeting and marketing and launching the association. The work of the Steering Committee was carried out through sub-committees in the following areas:

  • Constitution
  • Events and Mobilizations



President: Dr. Dennis Irvine
Vice President : Mr. Wesley Barrett
Secretary : Mrs. Lystra Sampson Ovid
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer : Ms. Jerome Perkins
Member 1 : Dr. John Gedeon - Convener Training Committee
Member 2 : Mr. Eduardo Ali - Convener Public Relations Committee
Member 3 : Mr. Fitzroy Marcus - Convener Policy and Standards Committee
Ms. Hazel Moses - Convener Policy and Standards Committee
Ms. Jenniffer Sampson - Convener Finance and Fund Raising Committee


Downloadable documents:

CARADOL Constitution

CARADOL Brochure

Terms of Reference for Steering Committee for Regional Association

Meeting Summary - First Steering Committee Meeting - May 5, 2003

CARADOL Report on Launch and Symposium - February 18, 2005